This COMPLETELY VIRTUAL program is offered at NO COST to  teachers in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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What is a STEMbassador? STEMbassadors are volunteer professionals, students, and subject experts who are interested in engaging with middle & high schoolers about real-world STEM experiences.

What does a STEMbassador session entail? We offer two types of STEMbassador sessions (all are virtual):

  • Meet-a-STEMbassador: This session is informal and conversational. The STEMbassador will give a 5-10 minute presentation about who they are, including a bit about their personal history, path into science, current work, and career goals. The rest of the session will be an open Q&A from students.
  • Research Presentation: In this type of session, the STEMbassador will give a 20-minute presentation about their current work and studies, giving students a sneak peek into cutting-edge research. The rest of the session will be an open Q&A from students.

Please note that as sessions are dependent on STEMbassador availability, we are not able to accommodate all special requests. We require a minimum of 12 students to book a virtual visit.

What do we ask in return for you engaging with this free program? Easy! Just fill out a survey afterward to help us guide the program’s direction for the future. Priority will be given to underserved schools in the greater Bay Area region.

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